Campus Management

Campus Management Solution (CMS)

Data management and workflow becomes fluid and efficient with the right kind of technology.

Manage, track and monitor every aspect of school/university campus management with a seamless solution. Implement a one-stop answer to enabling cohesive data flow between multiple levels of users.

Key aspects of our secure, user-friendly resource management tool:

  • Easy navigation
  • Multi-level authorization
  • Individual Login
  • Highly configurable
  • Competitive pricing
  • Dynamic Multiple dashboard
  • Web based
  • Value added Integration
  • Web integration

Since efficiency is the key to smooth running of an institution, our CMS is the right tool to help you do that. It helps you understand and improve data flow, thereby ensuring flexible management.

It enables linear & horizontal communication

  • Send alerts via SMS, Email
  • Allows interaction and collaboration between parents and teachers
  • Send feedback
  • View graphical reports
  • Avail analytical reports

Transform how you tackle routine tasks:

Examination Management – Automatic Timetable Generation – Online Assignment Submission – Manage Fee Defaulter – Multiple Institute Management

Empower your students, teachers, administrators, parents and management

Why students will find it resourceful :

  • Anytime access to attendance, timetables, marks, grades, examination schedule, announcements, calendars, etc
  • Online submission of assignment and projects
  • Enhanced interaction with teachers and peers

Facilitate task optimization for teachers and administrators

  • Reduces paperwork and eliminates data redundancy
  • Streamlines administrative functions thus allowing increased focus on teaching
  • Easily generates report cards
  • Instant access to all required information

Timely updates for parents

  • Easy interaction with administration and teachers
  • Access to all information regarding their child
  • Analyze performance of their child through comparative data

Comprehensive data for Management 

  • Complete overview for timely and accurate decision making
  • Control over resources and tools to ensure optimum utilisation of resources
  • Total automation of all routine work processes